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Actor and social media star Jake Paul is leaving his Disney Channel show “Bizaardvark” following recent news reports shedding a negative light on Paul.

In a KTLA news story earlier in the week, residents who live near the home where Paul and other social media stars live described living near him as being “in a war zone.” In an interview with a reporter, Paul then jumped on the news van and ran around screaming with his roommates. He has also reportedly “doxxed” someone online.

Paul posts YouTube videos in which he and the other “Team 10” members do insane pranks and stunts, which are in many ways reminiscent of “Jackass.”

Now, both Paul and Disney Channel say they are mutually parting ways after 18 months. Sources say it was originally Disney’s decision not to continue the relationship.

Paul has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube.

UPDATE: In a statement, Paul says he and Disney are splitting because he has “outgrown” the Disney Channel and he wants to continue building his personal brand on social media, as well as the Team 10 brand.


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