#BREAKING: Evacuations Ordered in San Bernardino County, California, due to Fire

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Evacuations have been ordered in the Little Mountain area of San Bernardino County, California. A wind driven fire has sparked up and is threatening structures in the area.

The fire is only 25-acres currently, but has the potential to quickly spread due to the dryness of the area, as well as high winds. Three people were burned from the fire, but their conditions are unknown. (source) 4:17 p.m. ET December 5, 2017

California Highway Patrol are calling this fire an “IMMEDIATE LIFE THREAT” due to its proximity to the 215 freeway. The fire is burning near the Cal State Bernardino campus and ambulances were requested for the three burn victims. (source) 4:49 p.m. ET December 5, 2017

Mandatory evacuations are underway for residents east of Little Mountain Dr. and north of W. Edgehill Dr. Evacuation center is at Marshall Elementary School. (source) 5:11 p.m. ET December 5, 2017

The fire has now grown over 100 acres and is 0% contained. SB215 is closed at I-15. (source) 6:24 p.m. ET December 5, 2017

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