DEVELOPING: Doctor in New York Charged after Spiking Woman’s Drink with Abortion Pills

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A man in New York has been charged after allegedly spiking the drink of a woman who he impregnated with abortion pills after she refused to go through with an abortion.

Brook Fiske was 17 weeks pregnant with the child when she met with Sikander Imran, who was the father of the child, to discuss taking care of it once it was born. Imran then gave her a drink, which he had ground up several pills into, to try and induce labor. Fiske started to experience contractions and went into labor at the hospital, losing the baby boy. It is typically 200 milligrams to induce labor using the drug, and Imran gave her 800 milligrams. His trial is scheduled for March 12th. (source) 4:52 p.m. ET December 14, 2017

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