Minnesota Twins star Miguel Sano has been accused of assault by a team photographer, according to WCCO-TV. Betsy Bissen, who works with Twins Daily, the St. Paul Saints and the Minnesota Zoo, detailed her allegations of how Sano allegedly grabbed her after an autograph session.

“After about 30 minutes, Bissen says Sano and his agent had a car pulled up to a back hallway door to leave the store. She says Sano decided he had to go to the bathroom before they left, and she accuses Sano of grabbing her and trying to take her to the bathroom with him. She resisted multiple times between screaming and pulling back, and he eventually stopped after about 10 minutes. She says she was in a squatted position with her wrist throbbing because she was resisting Sano’s repeated attempts, and nobody was there to help her.” (source)

Sano is vehemently denying that the incident ever even happened. Sano says the story is completely false … saying, “I unequivocally deny the allegation made against me today — it never happened…I have the utmost respect for women, especially those working in professional sports, and I deeply sympathize with anyone who has experienced sexual harassment. There is no place for it in our society.”(source) 3:07 p.m. ET December 28, 2017

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