There have been two confirmed cases of mumps at a high school in Phenix City, Alabama.

The Alabama Department of Public Health has launched an investigation. Dr. Burnestine Taylor, Medical Officer for Disease Control and Prevention for the Alabama Department of Public Health said, “An infected person can spread the virus by coughing, sneezing, talking, sharing items, and touching objects or surfaces with unwashed hands. Certain behaviors that result in exchanging saliva, such as kissing or sharing utensils, drinking after persons, and sharing lipstick or cigarettes, might increase the spread of the virus.”

Mumps is best known for the appearance of puffy cheeks and swollen jaws, and additional symptoms usually appear in 16 to 18 days after the infection. These symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, tiredness and loss of appetite. (source) 2:21 p.m. ET December 29, 2017

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