A secret part of Apple’s iPhone software has been posted online in a leak that could allow hackers to find security holes in the phone.

Security experts said that the release does not immediately put iPhone owners at risk, but it enables hackers to analyze Apple’s code and manipulate it for malicious purposes. Users could be vulnerable in the future.

An anonymous user published part of the “source code” on GitHub, a website for users to share code. The leaked code shows the iPhone’s “iBoot” system, which kicks in when a phone switches on. Hackers could use this to install malware or surveillance tools on a someone’s device, researchers said.

“It’s big, but does not directly impact users yet,” said Matthew Carr of Insinia Security.

Jonathan Levin, chief technology officer at software consultancy firm, said that the code hacking represented “the biggest leak in history.”

Source: Secret iPhone code published online in ‘biggest ever’ leak

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