DEVELOPING: Door Falls off Nigerian Airline

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A flight in Nigeria was taxiing on the runway when the emergency exit door fell from the plane.

Dana Air denied that it was caused by a mechanical failure, and said the door could not fall off “without a conscious effort by a passenger to open it.” A passenger who was on the plane told the BBC that everyone on board denied tampering with the door.

Another passenger said, “The flight was noisy with vibrations from the floor panel. I noticed the emergency door latch was loose and dangling. When we landed and the plane was taxiing back to the park point, we heard a poof-like explosion, followed by a surge of breeze and noise. It was terrible.”

“The cabin crew tried to say a passenger pulled the hatch which everyone denied. They also tried to get us to stop taking videos or pictures.”

In a statement, Dana Air denied there were issues with the door during the flight. “The emergency exit door of our aircraft are plug-type backed by pressure, which ordinarily cannot fall off without tampering or a conscious effort to open by a crew member or passenger,” the company said.

The airline also said that it had been inspected by engineers and “no issue was reported.”

Source: Nigeria’s Dana Air blames passenger after door falls off – BBC News


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