DEVELOPING: Florida Woman Says Airliner Made her to Flush Hamster Down Toilet

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A woman in Florida is suing Spirit Airlines after she says she was forced to try and flush her hamster down the toilet to get onto a flight.

Belen Aldecosea, 21, was flying from a Baltimore airport, when she was told that she could not bring her emotional-support hamster onto the flight, after Spirit had told her multiple times that she could beforehand. The representative she was speaking to then allegedly suggested that she flush the hamster down a toilet.

Aldecosea was trying to fly home to deal with a medical issue, and after being unable to rent a car, decided that flushing the hamster was her only option. The hamster, named Pebbles, drowned while being flushed.

Source: Florida woman claims bad info from airline caused her to flush hamster down airport toilet | WJAX-TV

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