Twin brothers have been arrested in New York City on explosives charges for making a bomb, according to law enforcement sources. Christian and Tyler Toro were arrested in The Bronx after investigators recovered bomb-making materials in their apartment. The FBI and NYPD arrested the two men in a joint counter-terrorism operation.

The brothers were paying minors to strip fireworks of their gunpowder so they could build a bomb, according to court records. The complaint stated that Christian Toro and Tyler Toro “knowingly made firearms” and aided and abetted in the making of firearms at their home from about October 2017 to February of this year.

A copy of the “Explosives Book,” that shows instructions on manufacturing explosive devices was found on a laptop issued by his employer to Christian Toro. Multiple law enforcement agents interviewed Christian Toro, who said that he “had not intentionally downloaded” the book into the laptop. He stated that he had been researching the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

Investigators found 20 pounds of iron oxide, about 5 pounds of aluminum powder, about 5 pounds of potassium nitrate and about 2 pounds of confectioner’s sugar located under the floor of a bedroom closet. Along with a glass jar containing a black powdery substance.A diary was also found in the apartment that read,  “WE ARE TWIN TOROS STRIKE US NOW, WE WILL RETURN WITH NANO THERMITE.” Christian Toro and Tyler Toro pleaded not guilty.


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