DEVELOPING: Drone Causes Aircraft Crash for First Time in the U.S.

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It is being reported that a drone may have an aircraft crash for the first time the United States.

The NTSB has opened an investigation into a helicopter crash that occurred on Daniel Island in South Carolina on Wednesday.

A student pilot and instructor were flying a Robinson Helicopter Co. R22 helicopter at around 2 pm when, according to the Charleston police department,  “a white ‘DJI Phantom quad-copter drone” appeared and flew into their airspace. The instructor grabbed the controls from the student and attempted to avoid the drone. The tail of the helicopter clipped a tree, causing a crash landing on its side.

The student and the pilot were not injured, but the helicopter’s tail was “significantly damaged” and the aircraft was totaled.

“The NTSB is aware of the pilot’s report that he was maneuvering to avoid a drone, but the NTSB has not yet been able to independently verify that information,” says NTSB spokesman Chris O’Neil.

The drone or the identity of the owner have not been located.

Source: Drone Causes Aircraft Crash for First Time in the US: Report

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