DEVELOPING VIDEO: Carnival Cruise Brawl Causes 23 Family Members to be Removed

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Twenty-three Carnival Cruise Line passengers were removed from the Carnival Legend on Friday following a violent brawl.

The cruise was scheduled to dock in Melbourne on Saturday following a 10-day trip through the South Pacific. It was forced to make an unscheduled stop in New South Wales, where police unloaded the unruly passengers.

Witnesses said that the fight broke out early on Friday morning between a large extended family, some guests and staff members.  It grew to the point where fellow passengers were concerned for their safety.

Several passengers said that some of the unruly passengers had been “looking for trouble from the minute they got on the ship.” Other passengers recalled that a few of the brawlers had been involved in previous fights on the ship, and had threatened to stab and throw people overboard. One went so far as to call the whole trip a “cruise from hell.”

Warning: Graphic language


Source: 23 passengers booted from Carnival cruise following ‘bloodbath’ of a brawl | Fox News

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