BREAKING: Major Multi-State Burglary Ring Discovered in South Carolina

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Three men arrested near Columbia, South Carolina, are believed to have been behind a “major” multi-state burglary ring in the area.

Robert Lee Fogle, Darryl Antonio Burden, and Thyron Triamine Burden were all arrested following a traffic stop due to speeding. The driver was driving on a suspended license and one of the men in the back was trying to fake sleep while concealed a large wad of money.

Deputies say they found two bundles of cash mixed in with clothes that totaled $2,422, two surge protectors, a small flashlight, flip phones, and an LG phone. They also found ski masks and crowbars.

Police believe that the operation may extend into other areas, and are alerting other law enforcement agencies.

Source: These arrests are being called part of a ‘major’ multi-state bur – – Columbia, South Carolina


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