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A woman in Buford, Georgia, about 40 miles outside of Atlanta, has been found living in squalor and decomposing.

Emergency crews responded to reports of a woman in her 50s being unresponsive at the home. Upon arriving, they found a “deplorable” scene. Garbage was piled up to the ceiling, roaches lined the walls, and the woman, who was bedridden and obese, showed signs of decomposition.

The woman, Tracie Sorrells, is not expected to live much longer. Her husband, Terry Sorrells, 54, and their son, Christian, 18, were arrested and charged with neglect of a disabled or elderly person, a felony offense.

Sorrells had been transported a month ago using a special tarp for obese patients, and was found on that same tarp, which was heavily soiled.

Source: A woman was found half-decomposed, crawling with maggots — and still alive, police say – The Washington Post


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