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Two parents allegedly took matters into their own hands against a man they say was propositioning their 13-year-old daughter. They may now be charged with assault after apparently restraining that man with zip ties when he turned up at their Canada home.

The parents said that the 28-year-old man showed up at their home Thursday, expecting to have sex with their teenaged daughter, CTV News reported.

The girl’s parents then allegedly tied up the man and called police. The couple also apparently filmed a Facebook Live video of the restrained man, with the woman calling him a “predator” and saying police refused to go to the house for the “meeting.”

“He came to my house to meet my 13-year-old f—–g daughter to f–k her. We f—–g tackled him and zap-strapped him and called the police,” a female voice could be heard in the video.

Canadian told news outlets that they responded to a disturbance that left a man tied up as “a result of vigilante actions.” The man was then freed from his restraints and taken to the hospital by police and has not been charged.

The parents were arrested at their home.

Police later stated the couple could face charges of assault resulting in bodily harm and forcible confinement.

Source: ‘Vigilante’ parents could be facing charges after allegedly hogtying man propositioning daughter, 13 – SFGate

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