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An Indiana family’s vacation to Florida reportedly left a mom with a deadly flesh-eating bacteria. Carol Martin, 50, died Saturday, nearly two months after returning from Clearwater, Fla., with an infection known as necrotizing fasciitis.

Martin’s family said they believe the virus may have been from a hot tub at the local Days Inn hotel.  It wasn’t until they were back in Indianapolis that the mom noticed a nickel-size sore on her buttocks, according to the news station.

When she sought treatment, doctors sent her home with antibiotics and suggested a heating pad. Her symptoms, however, continued to get worse and she returned for more medical care.

“They finally decided to do a biopsy of the area after the third trip [to the doctor],” her husband said. “That’s when they found out it was the flesh-eating virus, bacteria.” The mom underwent two surgeries and was released, but days later she died at her home.

 An autopsy was ordered to officially determine whether the virus caused her death. “We should have the answers and know why this went where it did,” her husband said.

Source: Mom dies after catching flesh-eating bacteria on family vacation

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