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BREAKING: USS John S. McCain Involved in Collision at Sea

SOUTH CHINA SEA (ALBOENEWS) — The USS John S. McCain, a Naval destroyer that is part of the U.S. 7th Fleet, has collided with a merchant vessel in the South China Sea. The incident occurred early Monday morning and search and rescue teams are on scene. Damage was reported to the ship. UPDATE: The U.S. Navy says they are still

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DEVELOPING: 12 People Killed, 52 Injured by Fallen Tree During Portugal Religious Festival

LISBON, PORTUGAL (ALBOENEWS) — A large tree came crashing down on Tuesday, crushing a crowd during a religious festival on the island of Madeira. According to AP, 12 people died total, with 10 dying at the scene. A child was among the deaths, as they died on the way to the hospital. 52 others were injured, seven of which have

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#BREAKING: Stunt Person Dies on Set of “Deadpool 2”

VANCOUVER, CANADA (ALBOENEWS) — A stunt person has died on the set of "Deadpool 2," according to a police statement obtained by CNN. SJ Harris of New York City died while performing a motorcycle stunt. A statement released by 20th Century Fox read, "We are deeply saddened by the accident that occurred on the set of 'Deadpool 2' this morning,

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DEVELOPING: Woman Sues Hospital after Accidentally Smothering Newborn

PORTLAND, OREGON (ALBOENEWS) — According to The Oregonian, an Oregon woman is suing the hospital where we gave birth to her son after she accidentally smothered the child to death while there. The lawsuit, listed as being worth $8.6 million in damages, claims that the hospital is at fault for placing her newborn in the bed with her to breastfeed

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DEVELOPING: Train Collision in Alexandria, Egypt

ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT (ALBOENEWS) — Two passenger trains collided on Friday in Northern Egypt, killing at least 36, and injuring many more. According to BBC, one train was travelling from Cairo, heading west, when it collided with the eastbound train from Port Said. Emergency crews are on the scene, and an investigation has been launched. There is speculation that the crash

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#BREAKING: Several Hospitalized After Plane Lands in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (ALBOENEWS) — At least 10 people have been hospitalized after a plane landed in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon, according to local media. The plane suffered severe turbulence, leading to a variety of injuries. Three of the people injured were passengers, and seven were crew members. According to Fox 29, “American Airlines Flight 759 landed at Philadelphia International Airport at 3:10

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#BREAKING: Passengers Rescued from Roller Coaster in New Jersey

SEASIDE PARK, NEW JERSEY (ALBOENEWS) — Several passengers have been rescued from a roller coaster in Seaside Park, New Jersey, according to NBC News. The incident occurred Saturday when the Hydrus stopped during the ride. The rescue workers worked to remove the passengers and were able to do so safely. Eight riders in total were rescued. Follow us on Facebook and

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