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#BREAKING: Stolen Vehicle Chase On-Going in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (ALBOENEWS) — A stolen vehicle is leading authorities on a prolonged chase throughout Los Angeles. The vehicle is a white SUV and has been driving erratically throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area. He then began to climb a crane in the cargo dock, weaving between workers. The chase has taken many odd turns as the suspect wound up

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DEVELOPING: Leaders Cancel Protest over Google Employee’s Firing due to Alleged Threats

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA (ALBOENEWS) — Protests that was scheduled to take place outside of the Google offices around the country have been cancelled for now. According to NBC Bay Area, a statement was released on the “March on Google” website notifying people of the cancellation, citing threats from “Alt-left terrorist groups.” The protests were planned as a response to the

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#BREAKING: San Jose Airport Suffering Delays due to “Security Incident”

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA (ALBOENEWS) — Terminal A at the Mineta San Jose International Airport had heavy delays today due to a security incident, according to NBC Bay Area. The Mercury reports that the incident stems from contraband that was unintentionally allowed through the screening process into the terminal. This prompted security to re-screen about 200 passengers that had gone through,

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#BREAKING: ACLU Announces Lawsuit of Trump Administration for Jailing of Immigrant Teens

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (ALBOENEWS) – The ACLU announced Friday that they are conducting a class-action lawsuit directed at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) for using false claims of gang affiliation to illegally detain teenagers in facilities in California. The suit claims that

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#BREAKING: Large Shark Spotted Off California Coast

SAN CLARITA, CALIFORNIA (ALBOENEWS) — Sightings of a large shark have led to the closure of a beach in San Clemente, California, according to ABC 7. The shark was spotted Wednesday afternoon around the end of the San Clemente Pier by about 10 people, who reported it to lifeguards. The beach will be closed until at least 7 p.m. local

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DEVELOPING: 1,000 Animals Found dead, 2,000 Found in Squalor in Montclair, California

MONTCLAIR, CALIFORNIA (ALBOENEWS) — Friday morning, local authorities were called an industrial complex in Montclair, California, only to find thousands of animals in terrible conditions, and about 1,000 already dead. The animals consisted of birds, fish, and reptiles. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Montclair Police Department Sgt. John Minook described the scene as “probably the worst I’ve seen

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#BREAKING: Shooting Reported at Burger King in Tennessee

SPRING HILL, TENNESSEE — A shooting has been reported at a Burger King in Spring Hill, Tennessee, according to local media. The shooting occurred Thursday evening at the fast food restaurant, located on Port Royal Road. A suspect is in custody in the incident. Source: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more on this and every breaking story.

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