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#BREAKING: Major Earthquake Strikes Sumatra

SUMATRA, INDONESIA (ALBOENEWS) — A major 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck west of Sumatra, Indonesia, on Sunday, according to the USGS. The earthquake struck at a depth of 42 miles. It is not clear whether anyone was hurt. THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED AS MORE INFORMATION BECOMES AVAILABLE. Advertisements

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#BREAKING: Moderate Earthquake Shakes Buildings in Chile

SANTIAGO, CHILE (ALBOENEWS) — A moderate 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck Chile on Wednesday morning, according to seismologists. The earthquake struck 25 miles NW of the capital Santiago. It a depth of about 42 miles. Residents on Twitter reported being awoken by shaking and items falling from shelves. Reuters reported buildings shaking. Some damage is expected. THIS IS BREAKING NEWS. THIS PAGE

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#BREAKING: Strong Aftershocks Rock Greek Island of Kos

Multiple large aftershocks have struck Greece’s Kos island, home of the majority of damage from this week’s 6.6-magnitude quake that left two tourists dead and hundreds injured. The latest aftershocks, a magnitude-4.4 and magnitude-4.6, ┬ástruck Saturday evening, sending people racing from their homes and resorts, and out into the streets as they feared further building collapses. As the earthquake hit,

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