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DEVELOPING: Man Arrested for Plotting to Bomb Confederate Monument

HOUSTON (ALBOENEWS) — 25-year-old Andrew Schneck has been taken into custody after he allegedly planned to bomb a Confederate statue in Houston, according to the New York Daily News. Schneck was discovered Sunday next to the statue of Confederate leader Richard Dowling at a park. “He was carrying two boxes that contained duct tape, a timer, wires and a plastic

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DEVELOPING: Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

BARCELONA, SPAIN (ALBOENEWS) — A terrorist attack in the heart of Barcelona has claimed multiple lives and injured many more. According to Reuters, a van plowed through a crowd in a popular tourist area, zig-zagging through the pedestrians. The driver then eventually fled on foot, and has not been located at this time. Reports indicate that there are at least

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#BREAKING: Suicide Bombers Kill at least 27, 83 More Wounded

MAIDUGURI, NIGERIA (ALBOENEWS) — Three Suicide bombers killed at least 27 people Tuesday in northeast Nigeria. According to Reuters, a woman blew herself up at a market in a nearby village, and two other bombers blew themselves up at the gates of a nearby refugee camp. The 27 deaths have been associated with the market bombing, with no deaths reported

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#BREAKING: Mosque Attacked in Minnesota

BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA (ALBOENEWS) — Authorities say somebody threw a bomb into a window of a mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota, on Saturday. The incident occurred at around 5 a.m. at the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center, according to the Associated Press. Damage was reported to the building, but nobody was injured. The FBI is investigating the incident, which occurred while about 15

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DEVELOPING: Dozens Killed in Suicide Attack at Mosque in Afghanistan

HERAT, AFGHANISTAN (ALBOENEWS)—Tuesday night, two suicide bombers rocked a Shiite mosque in Herat, Afghanistan, killing 29 people and wounding 64 more. The blast took place during the evening prayers at the mosque. The attack began when one of the bombers shot at worshipers in the mosque, before blowing himself up. Officials fear that the death toll will continue to rise

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#BREAKING: Two Terrorists Gunned Down in India

PULWANA, INDIA (ALBOENEWS) — At about 9:30 a.m. local time Sunday, two militants were gunned down in Tahab, India, in the province of Pulwama. Indian forces are still currently operating in the area. UPDATE: The two militants have been identified as Irfan Ahmad Sheikh and Abid Magray. Indian forces had received information stating that there may be terrorists active in the

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#BREAKING: Australian Police Disrupt Terrorist Plot During Overnight Raids

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (ALBOENEWS)— Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that a terrorist plot to take down a plane was disrupted during their overnight raids. Four men were arrested when multiple police forces converged on the inner-city suburb of Surry Hills, as well as the south-western suburbs of Lakemba, Wiley Park, and Punchbowl. The plot centered around blowing up an airplane at

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